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About the Venue & Tickets

You may purchase tickets at Pita's & More or by calling 618-392-2700 or  618-843-0617


We have two ticket options for every show




Ticket Option 1- Concert Only $20

Ticket Option 2 - Dinner & Concert $230   - - - The dinner is a buffet featuring 2 different meats, a nice selection of vegetables and side items, as well as a salad.  The buffet is in the same room that the concerts are held. The Dinner & Concert ticket covers your admission to the event as well as the dinner, tip, tax, and soft drink. You can have the same seat for the dinner and concert! 


Our concerts are typically 1.5 to 2 hours long.

There is a full service Bar available as well, featuring multiple beer choices, several wine choices, and a tremendous selection of liquor and spirits. 

The venue seats approximately 250 people, and there is not a bad seat in the house!


The Venue adress is:


Pitas and More 

215 N Fair Olney, IL 

( 2 blocks north of the Arcadia Theater )




We are pleased to offer only top-notch entertainment at our events, if you are interested in performing at Pitas and More, please submit information to or send press kit to:

Olney Events 1305 Shawn Lane Olney, IL 62450 

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